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Former model and famous realtor in family law dispute

There are many spouses in Louisiana who, for various reasons, will file for divorce before this year ends. In some of these family law situations, spouses may inform the court that they signed prenuptial agreements before marriage that entitle them to receive spousal support if they sever their marital ties. Sarah Mutch, a former Guess model, says she signed such an agreement before she married celebrity realtor, Kurt Rappapport.

Mutch says Rappaport agreed to provide $45,000 per month to provide for her financial needs if they divorce. The provisions would continue to an amount of time equal to half the duration of their marriage, which, in this case, is eight months. Mutch says she needs that money because she sacrificed a lucrative modeling career to support her husband's business endeavors and help him raise his three children.

Family law: Understanding the different types of child custody

There is no telling how many Louisiana marriages will end in divorce this year. Those who are parents may encounter family law issues that challenge their ability to leave the past behind and move on in life, especially if there is contention between co-parents. Understanding the different types of child custody ahead of time can help avoid legal complications regarding such matters.

One of the highest priorities in divorce proceedings involving children is deciding who will have custody. Custody, however, is not an isolated term; it refers to several types of child-related issues. For instance, regarding legal custody issues, the court will determine whether one parent or both will have decision-making authority regarding important issues that concern the children.

What does it mean to have the right to a 'fair trial?'

Regardless of what law enforcement officials accuse you of doing, the U.S. Constitution guarantees you certain rights. You may know about the right to remain silent, the fact that police cannot just search and/or seize your property without probable cause, and your right to an attorney.

You may have also heard that you have the right to a "fair trial," but what that means is not quite clear. If you face the prospect of leaving your fate up to a court of law, it may help to understand what this concept involves.

Auto accident takes life of former college football player

The college football community in Louisiana is mourning the loss of a former player. A sudden tragedy took his life at age 26. A former defensive back for the Ragin' Cajuns, Sean Thomas, suffered fatal injuries in a collision that involved two vehicles. 

The incident took place in St. James Parish. At this time, there appear to be more questions than answers regarding the exact cause of the accident, as well as the exact cause of the young man's death. Preliminary investigations prompted officials to say they do not believe impaired driving was a factor

Johnny Depp resolved family law case in 2017; new issues at hand

Fans of Johnny Depp in Louisiana and throughout the country followed his divorce case in 2017. He and former wife, Amber Heard, are said to have a mutual disdain for one another. While they resolved their initial family law problems when their divorce was finalized, new issues have surfaced in conjunction with their agreement that have prompted Depp to file a lawsuit against his ex.

When the two divorced, they signed a non-disclosure agreement. Many spouses do this when they want to protect their privacy. However, Depp is now suing Heard for defamation of character because he said she breached the agreement when she wrote an article about being a victim of domestic violence.

Louisiana travelers at risk for motor vehicle collisions

Whether traveling as a pedestrian, driver or a passenger in someone's vehicle, there is no guarantee that one will safely arrive to his or her destination. Louisiana travelers are always at risk for motor vehicle collisions, although certain issues and circumstances are definitely more dangerous than others. It pays to be aware of the types of situations that most often lead to car accidents, because such knowledge may help increase travel safety.

Most drivers are aware that it is legal to make a right turn when a traffic light is red. Surprisingly, however, many do not realize they must first come to a complete stop. In other words, when turning right on red, the traffic light should be treated like a stop sign. Not stopping before turning right on red often leads to collisions, and also places pedestrians at particularly high risk for injury.

Car accidents: Proving negligence in a Louisiana civil court

Every Louisiana motorist (as well as pedestrian) is at risk when he or she travels in or near motor vehicles. Thousands of people suffer injury every year as a result of collision. Victims of some car accidents are fortunate enough to suffer only minor injuries, such as a few bumps or bruises. Others, however, receive emergency medical care for injuries that are moderate to severe.

State law enables recovering accident victims or immediate family members of fatally injured victims to seek monetary judgment against those whose negligence or reckless driving behavior was directly responsible for their damages. When a person files a wrongful death or personal injury claim in a civil court, he or she is tasked with providing enough evidence to show that the defendant was negligent and that said negligence was a causal factor in the injuries that resulted in the incident. This is not an easy task, which is why most plaintiffs rely on experienced personal injury law attorneys to represent them in court.

Did authorities conduct a lawful search of your property?

Many people in Louisiana and across the country may not fully understand their legal rights when it comes to police officers searching their property. Some people may think that they have to comply with a search request no matter what, or that officers always have the ability to conduct a search. However, that is not the case.

If you face the possibility of a search, or authorities have searched your property and allegedly found evidence of a crime, you certainly want to understand how this search and seizure may affect you. First, it is important to understand when authorities can lawfully conduct a search.

Civil rights: Were you injured in a hostile work environment?

When a Louisiana resident shows up for work each day, he os she can reasonably expect a safe work environment. Every worker is protected by civil rights against discrimination and hostility in the workplace. If someone is acts in such a way so as to impede another person's ability to carry out his or her duties in a peaceful, nonviolent atmosphere, there may be grounds for filing a hostile work environment complaint.

Saying that a particular work environment is hostile is one thing. Legally proving it is quite another. For instance, being stuck with a bad boss or rude co-worker does not necessarily mean the workplace has become hostile. However, if the co-worker's rudeness constitutes harassment or discrimination, then the target of the attacks may have grounds to file a legal claim.

Child support is an important family law issue

Louisiana readers who enjoy reality TV shows and also happen to follow celebrity news may have heard by now that Shannon Beador and her ex husband, David, have finalized their divorce. The former couple's co-parenting plan covers several important family law topics, including child support. As a co-parenting team, however, the Beadors have always incorporated some other interesting terms into their agreement.

Shannon Beador and her ex have three children together, one of whom is age 17, the others, twins, who are 14. Child support payments of nearly $3,000 per month will be sent by the children's father to help provide for their financial needs. As for legal and physical custody of the kids, the Beadors have agreed to equally share those obligations.

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