Alcohol is far from the only substance that can impair a driver’s abilities behind the wheel. Various drugs have this effect as well. This includes marijuana. Driving while high can have significant negative impacts on a person’s motor coordination, judgment and reaction time. So, this can greatly up the risk of traffic accidents.

Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that drivers getting behind the wheel when high might not be as rare of an occurrence as one would hope.

The report, from, regarded data from a survey of U.S. drivers. According to the report, of the surveyed motorists:

  • 21 percent reported having driven when high on marijuana
  • 6 percent reported having driven after ingesting marijuana

Why do you think, despite its dangers, driving while high appears to be relatively common here in the U.S.? What do you think it will take to greatly reduce the levels of this type of dangerous driving?

An important thing to note is that driving-impairing drugs are not just limited to marijuana and other recreational drugs. There are plenty of prescription medications out there that it can be dangerous to mix with driving. So, among the safety steps it can be critical for drivers to take is to learn whether any of the prescription medications they take could hinder their driving abilities.

When individuals are hurt out on the roads due to actions taken by a driver that was high on marijuana or other drugs or medications, skilled personal injury attorneys can guide them on the path to the just compensation they deserve.