Louisiana readers who enjoy reality TV shows and also happen to follow celebrity news may have heard by now that Shannon Beador and her ex husband, David, have finalized their divorce. The former couple’s co-parenting plan covers several important family law topics, including child support. As a co-parenting team, however, the Beadors have always incorporated some other interesting terms into their agreement.

Shannon Beador and her ex have three children together, one of whom is age 17, the others, twins, who are 14. Child support payments of nearly $3,000 per month will be sent by the children’s father to help provide for their financial needs. As for legal and physical custody of the kids, the Beadors have agreed to equally share those obligations.

On a more personal level, these particular co-parents have written out terms regarding how they may speak about one another when in the presence of their children. In fact, their co-parenting plan states that neither may make negative comments about the other at any time if their children are within hearing distance of the conversation. Incorporating terms like this into a custody order is a good way to prevent parental alienation.

Since every family is unique, the family law issues addressed in the Beador co-parenting plan may not apply to everyone’s situations. However, sometimes, issues may arise that were not covered in a parenting plan or other divorce-related agreement. This is why it is a good idea to stay closely connected to an experienced attorney throughout (and following) divorce proceedings, whether here in Louisiana or some other state. A request for consultation can be made at any time if a concerned parent feels ill-equipped to rectify a particular legal problem.