Whether traveling as a pedestrian, driver or a passenger in someone’s vehicle, there is no guarantee that one will safely arrive to his or her destination. Louisiana travelers are always at risk for motor vehicle collisions, although certain issues and circumstances are definitely more dangerous than others. It pays to be aware of the types of situations that most often lead to car accidents, because such knowledge may help increase travel safety.

Most drivers are aware that it is legal to make a right turn when a traffic light is red. Surprisingly, however, many do not realize they must first come to a complete stop. In other words, when turning right on red, the traffic light should be treated like a stop sign. Not stopping before turning right on red often leads to collisions, and also places pedestrians at particularly high risk for injury.

Driver fatigue also leads to many auto accidents in this state and throughout the country. If a driver nods off at the wheel, even if only for a few seconds, the car is essentially moving on its own for that amount of time. Situations like this often cause vehicles to careen into other lanes or off the road and into a nearby tree.

Losing steering control, distracted driving and driving while intoxicated are other common factors in many Louisiana motor vehicle collisions. The more cautious and alert a driver is behind the wheel, the less likely he or she will be in an accident. If a nearby motorist is negligent, however, an uneventful trip to the grocery store or morning commute to work can quickly turn into a tragedy if a crash occurs. In such situations, it is imperative to seek medical attention and also a good idea to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.