If Louisiana parents divorce over summer, their children might encounter numerous challenges when they return to school. To avoid family law trouble, it is critical that parents be willing to work together for their children’s sake. Child custody, visitation and child support issues will have hopefully been worked out long before the first day of school. It’s wise to inform teachers of necessary details, such as who will pick up kids or which is the custodial versus non-custodial parent.

Parents will do well to meet with their kids ahead of time. With the whole family together, they can discuss any questions or concerns the kids might have. They can also explain what types of things to expect, such as situations where a teacher needs to call a parent and how to know which one to call.

It is only fair that both parents are kept informed of all school-related issues. There are online calendars available to help parents keep track of special events, important dates and other events, such as sports. If both parents are willing, they can attend parent/teacher conferences together.

When children witness their parents working as a team on their behalf, they may have less stress when starting a new school year after a summer divorce. A Louisiana family law attorney can provide guidance and support for any legal issues that arise, such as if a parent disregards a court order or somehow impedes the other parent’s relationship with his or her children. Former spouses may not always get along, but it is often possible to set differences aside and help kids adjust to a post-divorce lifestyle.