There are many spouses in Louisiana who, for various reasons, will file for divorce before this year ends. In some of these family law situations, spouses may inform the court that they signed prenuptial agreements before marriage that entitle them to receive spousal support if they sever their marital ties. Sarah Mutch, a former Guess model, says she signed such an agreement before she married celebrity realtor, Kurt Rappapport.

Mutch says Rappaport agreed to provide $45,000 per month to provide for her financial needs if they divorce. The provisions would continue to an amount of time equal to half the duration of their marriage, which, in this case, is eight months. Mutch says she needs that money because she sacrificed a lucrative modeling career to support her husband’s business endeavors and help him raise his three children.

Mutch reportedly filed for divorce after learning that Rappaport does not want to have any more children. She has told the court that her husband was emotionally abusive in marriage. His version of the story is quite different. Rappaport has filed a police report, accusing Mutch of extortion and also physical violence in their relationship.

As is often the case in many Louisiana divorce disputes, it is now up to the judge overseeing this case to determine the facts and make a final decision. An experienced family law attorney is a great source of support for any spouse who believes his or her rights are threatened by a partner’s tactics during divorce proceedings. An attorney is well-versed in state laws pertaining to property division, child custody and other important issues and can help overcome any legal obstacles that arise.