No matter what type of work you do in Louisiana, you can reasonably expect that your employer will make sure you have a peaceful working environment. That is not to say that some jobs are not naturally stressful but that your employer is legally obligated to make sure no one is violent or discriminates against you in the workplace. The U.S. Constitution protects your civil rights so that you do not have to suffer in a hostile atmosphere caused by discrimination.

If you’ve been treated unfairly in the workplace, you have a right to do something about it. Whether your situation involves bias against you because of your race, age or religious affiliation or you were fired after telling your boss you were pregnant, these issues and others may be grounds for legal recourse. It is helpful to speak with someone who is well-versed in civil rights issues as they relate to employment law.

Employment discrimination can cause serious emotional injury. If you were passed over for advancement within a particular company because of a personal issue, you can defend your rights. Sadly, many people have also developed adverse physical health conditions due to trying to survive in hostile work environments.

Haley & Associates is an experienced legal team in Louisiana that is fully equipped to address all aspects of workplace discrimination and employment law issues. If you have been victimized, threatened or unfairly treated by an employer, co-worker or client, you can request a consultation by accessing the online contact form located on our website for your convenience. The U.S. Constitution clearly defines civil rights violations and having experienced attorneys on your side is often the first step toward seeking justice.