It is no secret that life can be challenging at times. Certain family dynamics or situations can make it more so. Most Louisiana married couples, especially those who are also parents, can attest to encountering obstacles in their marital relationships, which can lead to family law problems. In fact, many spouses decide to file for divorce rather than stay in unhappy marriages.

Deciding to divorce is an intensely personal matter. However, it can be helpful to confide in a trusted friend or family member rather than try to navigate such circumstances alone. Discussing your situation with an experienced family law attorney is also a good idea, especially if you anticipate difficulty achieving an amicable settlement in court.

While you may be looking forward to starting afresh in life, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to sail through proceedings without any stress. If you and your spouse disagree about where your children should live or other issues concerning child support, property division or alimony, things can get quite messy very quickly. Having a skilled and experienced negotiator and legal advocate by your side helps keep stress to a minimum.

Haley & Associates is committed to helping Louisiana residents protect their rights and interests in divorce. By requesting a meeting, you can be assured that a legal team well-versed in family law issues, particularly those pertaining to community property laws, stands ready to act on your behalf. It is often possible to find creative solutions to the most complex, challenging legal problems, especially if you rely on an experienced legal team that makes your best interests a priority from the start.