In Louisiana and across the country, intersections are some of the most dangerous locations on the road. Traveler safety often hinges on every motorist fully adhering to traffic laws and safety regulations, and also staying alert and being cautious behind the wheel. If a driver is negligent, the results are often disastrous. According to law enforcement authorities, on a recent Wednesday at approximately 2 p.m. an older woman failed to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist.

Traffic at intersections is often controlled by stop signs or lights. Knowing when to yield a right of way is crucial to navigating a crossroads in a safe manner. The woman’s apparent negligence in allegedly failing to yield the right of way may have been the causal factor in the collision. Although the investigation is still ongoing at this time, police did state that they cited the woman for making an unsafe left turn at an intersection.

Sadly, the biker did not survive his injuries. At age 37, he had no way of knowing that his motorcycle ride that day would be the last one he would ever take. Fatal accidents are understandably devastating to loved ones, friends, co-workers and others.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in Louisiana and is believed to have been caused by a driver’s negligence, it often leads to litigation. State law allows recovering victims or immediate family members of fatally injured victims to seek financial recovery for applicable financial losses in court. Medical bills and other accident-related expenses often cause financial distress that victims or their families may be unprepared to meet. Based on appropriate proof of negligence, compensation can be awarded to help alleviate such burdens.