Louisiana fans of Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel may be aware that the married couple has been estranged for some time. The former couple are the parents of two toddler-age children, a son and a daughter. There has been some speculation regarding why Pechenik recently decided to file a divorce petition, and they are now in the mist of addressing the many family law issues that come with this decision.  

Some say the fact that Deschanel went public with a new romantic relationship may have had something to do with Pechenik’s decision to divorce. He has requested a shared legal and physical custody arrangement. Time will tell how their child custody and parenting time issues will be resolved.

Most judges believe children fare best when divorcing parents share custody. However, there are some cases where a judge may determine that such a plan would not be in the children’s best interests. Pechenik recently told reporters he and Deschanel are parting as friends and will continue to be business partners and work together as co-parents; they simply no longer wish to be married to each other.

A family law judge overseeing a divorce in Louisiana has full discretion to determine what type of custodial arrangement would be in the best interest of the children involved. Parents are free to write the terms of their own agreement, then seek the court’s approval. Most parents rely on experienced guidance and support from attorneys who are well-versed in child custody laws rather than trying to go it alone in court. This is often the easiest means for avoiding stressful, courtroom battles and for laying the groundwork for an an agreeable settlement.