People with disabilities in Louisiana may be discriminated against on the job or when they apply for work. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability discrimination is a big problem in the workplace that is now more common than race discrimination. Last year was the first time that race discrimination claims were surpassed by disability discrimination claims.

Many employers are keenly aware of their responsibility to prevent race and gender discrimination, but they do not give the same amount of attention to preventing disability discrimination. The Society for Human Resource Management found that just 13 percent of workplaces have inclusion initiatives for disabled workers and half of human resources professionals never went through disability inclusion training.

Unemployment among disabled Americans is double that of non-disabled Americans. Disabled workers may find it more difficult to obtain employment due to discrimination, and when they are on the job, employers may deny them the accommodations that they need to work comfortably. Without training on disability inclusion, many employers do not know what to do to ensure that disabled workers are not discriminated against or forced to leave their jobs.

Though disability inclusion training is not mandated, employers are not allowed to make hiring, promotion or firing decisions based on a worker’s disability. If a person with a disability was denied employment or forced to quit their job, an employment law attorney may be able to help them to file a discrimination claim. A lawyer may gather evidence to prove that an employer did not accommodate a disabled employee reasonably during their employment or fired them because of their disability.