In Louisiana, couples spend much time and effort to resolve the major issues of the divorce such as property division and custody. When those issues are resolved, the former spouses may be distracted or even tired, causing them to miss other important details. One of the things that people often overlook is life insurance. As a result, they may not be fully protected by their divorce agreement.

The biggest concern with life insurance in a divorce agreement is making sure that there is enough coverage in the event that the worst happens. However, determining a sufficient amount of coverage requires that the parties consider multiple variables that they may have no way of knowing at present. They may simply be guessing at the future costs of raising children and certainly about college tuition.

Another difficulty is the fact that the cost of insurance will go up as the insured gets older. If a certain amount of coverage is mandated in the divorce agreement, it could be burdensome because it could double in cost as the years pass. The insured may not even be able to obtain coverage if they develop a health condition that is serious enough to cause them to be rejected by the policy underwriter. These are not things that the average couple contemplates during a divorce.

A family law attorney may help their client stay focused on all of the details of the divorce and not just the major ones that usually draw most of the focus. The attorney might come up with suggestions on how to draft sections of the divorce agreement that address life insurance and then assist with negotiating an arrangement that is acceptable to both parties. The divorce agreement is one of the best ways to implement a lasting solution in case the unthinkable happens.