Louisiana residents may or may not be aware that most McDonald’s restaurants operate as franchises. Because of that type of business structure, the company has been shielded from many of the sexual harassment claims that have been filed against it. However, some employees allege that sexual harassment has also been going on at the chain’s corporately owned and operated restaurants.

About 5% of McDonald’s restaurants are not franchises, and over 100 of these corporate-owned restaurants are in Florida. On April 10, two women filed a class action lawsuit representing a group of female McDonald’s employees in Florida. The lawsuit alleges that McDonald’s Corp. allowed for a culture of sexual harassment and then retaliated against women who complained about it.

One of the lead plaintiffs claims that she was fired from a McDonald’s restaurant that she had worked at for three years because she reported sexual harassment. The woman says that she was subjected to sexual comments and unwelcome touching from a male coworker. The other lead plaintiff worked at the same restaurant where she claims she was sexually harassed by two male coworkers. Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit are seeking $500 million in compensation.

A person who has been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace may have suffered financial and emotional damages. To pursue compensation for these damages, the person may decide to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the liable parties. An employment law attorney may be able to help an individual build a strong sexual harassment claim and pursue the maximum compensation.