You’re a commuter who was involved in a serious crash with an 18-wheeler in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This state is unfortunately one of the worst when it comes to accidents, but victims of a negligent driver do have the chance to seek compensation.

Truck drivers, like any other motorists, can become negligent in a number of ways. Drowsy driving is one, and many truckers make matters worse by drinking lots of caffeinated beverages. One recent study has, at least tentatively, linked excessive coffee drinking over the long term with higher crash risk.

More crashes among high coffee drinkers

A transport safety expert from the Loughborough University Design School teamed up with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to analyze some 3,000 truck drivers from eight different states who either drink a single cup of coffee a day or more than five cups. These drivers were chosen from a pool of 11,000 precisely because of their coffee-drinking habits.

Each driver filled out a questionnaire, the responses to which remained confidential. One of the questions was whether the driver had been in a crash in the previous three years; to this, 21.6% of the low coffee drinkers and 27.8% of the high coffee drinkers said yes.

More coffee may mean poorer health

The ones who drink over five cups of coffee a day exhibited poorer health in general, too, as reflected in their unhealthy diet, lack of restful sleep, smoking habit and tendency to drink too much alcohol. This, it goes without saying, can increase the risk of a crash. Again, the link is only tentative. Researchers are confident, though, that future studies will make it clearer. They are hoping these studies will find out, for example, what the “tipping point” is where caffeine consumption leads to unsafe behavior.

An attorney on your side

Victims of 18-wheeler collisions may be discouraged by the challenges of filing a personal injury claim. If you’re in the same situation, you may want legal counsel. A lawyer may give your case personal attention and represent you when the time comes for negotiating a settlement.