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Police issue citation after recent motor vehicle accident

In Louisiana and across the country, intersections are some of the most dangerous locations on the road. Traveler safety often hinges on every motorist fully adhering to traffic laws and safety regulations, and also staying alert and being cautious behind the wheel. If a driver is negligent, the results are often disastrous. According to law enforcement authorities, on a recent Wednesday at approximately 2 p.m. an older woman failed to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist.

2 fatalities, serious injuries to another after auto accident

Many lives in Louisiana were touched by a recent tragedy in Claiborne Parish.  At approximately 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, a fatal auto accident resulted in two deaths and serious injuries to another. As is often determined a causal factor in fatal collisions, this one was reportedly caused by a driver who had veered out of his lane.

Auto accident takes life of former college football player

The college football community in Louisiana is mourning the loss of a former player. A sudden tragedy took his life at age 26. A former defensive back for the Ragin' Cajuns, Sean Thomas, suffered fatal injuries in a collision that involved two vehicles. 

Louisiana travelers at risk for motor vehicle collisions

Whether traveling as a pedestrian, driver or a passenger in someone's vehicle, there is no guarantee that one will safely arrive to his or her destination. Louisiana travelers are always at risk for motor vehicle collisions, although certain issues and circumstances are definitely more dangerous than others. It pays to be aware of the types of situations that most often lead to car accidents, because such knowledge may help increase travel safety.

Car accidents: Proving negligence in a Louisiana civil court

Every Louisiana motorist (as well as pedestrian) is at risk when he or she travels in or near motor vehicles. Thousands of people suffer injury every year as a result of collision. Victims of some car accidents are fortunate enough to suffer only minor injuries, such as a few bumps or bruises. Others, however, receive emergency medical care for injuries that are moderate to severe.

How common is driving while high?

Alcohol is far from the only substance that can impair a driver’s abilities behind the wheel. Various drugs have this effect as well. This includes marijuana. Driving while high can have significant negative impacts on a person’s motor coordination, judgment and reaction time. So, this can greatly up the risk of traffic accidents.

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