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Your Side Of The Story Matters

Even if you have been arrested for a violent crime, we want you to know: Your life is not over. You have rights and a story to tell. We are here to protect those rights and ensure your voice is heard.

Haley & Associates in Baton Rouge focuses on the individual, not the crime. We strive to achieve justice by protecting the rights of individuals, holding the government accountable for investigations that do not follow the law. Defense attorney Ronald Haley takes on the tough cases that other firms might be afraid to handle.

Trial-Focused Defense Against Serious Charges

Violent crime defense focuses on, first, ensuring you are not convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Second, we fight against punishments that are outside what is acceptable for a given crime.

Investigations into violent crimes are complex, and mistakes are often made. If police fail to follow the proper protocols relating to evidence or your constitutional rights, we’re there to poke holes in their case. We will uphold your rights against any charge, including:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Robbery
  • Gun crimes
  • Gang violence
  • Bar fights
  • Domestic violence

We have defended people facing a variety of serious charges, from gang-related double murder to a college bar fight. No matter what kind of violent charge you face, you are entitled to a strong defense.

Your Story Matters

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Louisiana, contact a lawyer right away. We offer free initial consultations where we can learn the details of your case and explain your options. Call 225-663-8869 or contact us online to get started.


Haley & Associates has sent our staff home out of precaution of the COVID-19 virus.

Attorney Haley will be available for emergency consultations regarding criminal defense matters. Courts will take up emergency/time sensitive matters such as bonds, bench warrant recalls, or probation holds. Many of these hearings will be conducted via phone or video conferencing.

Attorney Greenhouse will be available via video conferencing for emergency family court matters.

We will do our best to answer your calls remotely, but may not be able to answer all calls immediately. The best way to reach us if we are not available via phone is email and we will get back in touch with you promptly.

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