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Setting Families Up For Success

When it comes to family, entering a dispute ready for a fight often leads to even more problems. But, making your former partner the villain will not make the process any easier for you or your children.

In her family law practice at Haley & Associates, attorney Ashley Greenhouse focuses on understanding your family’s needs and priorities in order to come up with a creative solution to address those needs. In most cases, this means you should make an honest effort to do what is right for your family.

Compromising When It’s Right, Going To Court When It’s Necessary

Many people view child custody as a fight over who gets the kids. But the truth is, if you have children, you will still have some kind of partnership with your ex even after you split up. Unless there has been a history of abuse or other negative factors, children benefit most from shared custody arrangements. Finding a shared custody solution that works for everyone is rarely easy, but it is possible.

When a solution is not as clear cut for your family, attorney Ashley Greenhouse is not afraid to go to court so you can tell your side of the story. You deserve an attorney who will stand up for the best interests of your children and your rights as a parent.

What Community Property Rules Mean For Your Divorce

Community property settlements are often the toughest part of a divorce in Louisiana. We are one of several states that consider all marital property to be equally owned. The notion of marital property applies to anything you purchased or received while you and your partner were married. Whose name is on the paperwork does not matter. This means you should not be afraid to assert your rights to reach a fair divorce settlement. To find a creative solution, work with a lawyer who will always have your interests at heart.

Learn How Our Approach Can Help You

Contact our offices in Baton Rouge to schedule a free consultation. You can request an appointment by using our online form or by calling . There is no substitute for a competent, trusted attorney who will put your interests first during a family dispute.