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The Greatest Reward


Graduation season is upon us once again. I was invited to the high school graduations of three young men, all of whom I have helped in criminal court. I am happy to say that all three of these young men have been accepted into college; two of them are going on scholarship.

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – makes me happier than seeing how our firm has helped change the lives and paths of our clients. In addition to graduations we often get updates on new babies, new jobs, even new love. Hearing these stories is one of my greatest rewards.

It is our firm’s desire to not only help our clients navigate through the difficult times in their life, but to improve their life beyond the courtroom. We are with them through unmanageable situations. To see them come out on the other side stronger, better…it is truly rewarding. Our hope is that every client leaves our office only to find themselves in a better position then when they walked in; a position to learn, grow and thrive.

So to our current, former and lifetime clients out there – we want to hear from you! Not just when you are in need of assistance, but in the good times as well. We want to celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small. Please visit our Facebook page or email us through our website to keep us informed on how things are going. We love and appreciate you.


Haley & Associates has sent our staff home out of precaution of the COVID-19 virus.

Attorney Haley will be available for emergency consultations regarding criminal defense matters. Courts will take up emergency/time sensitive matters such as bonds, bench warrant recalls, or probation holds. Many of these hearings will be conducted via phone or video conferencing.

Attorney Greenhouse will be available via video conferencing for emergency family court matters.

We will do our best to answer your calls remotely, but may not be able to answer all calls immediately. The best way to reach us if we are not available via phone is email and we will get back in touch with you promptly.

Stay well!

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